Faculty and Staff to Showcase Research at RIT Imaging Bash, June 2

Rochester Institute of Technology faculty and staff members involved with any aspect of imaging are invited to attend the RIT Imaging Bash from 2 to 4 p.m. June 2, in the Slaughter Building, rooms 2210-2220.

The Imaging Bash encompasses everything from photography to computation, astronomy to printing, ethics to cinema, societal policy to expression, engineering to vision, remote sensing to archaeology, and the universal to the nano.

Everyone will have two minutes with their image displayed to state their name, something about themselves, and a summary of the research or creative aspect of their work.

Registration is required. Send an email with your name and affiliation to lockwood@cis.rit.edu. Put “Image Fest” in the subject line. E-mail your image as a jpeg or PowerPoint slide (or link) to the same address.

The event is sponsored by the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science. For more information, contact Marilyn Lockwood at 475-5944 or at lockwood@cis.rit.edu.


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    While many people flock to warm destinations for spring break, two RIT experimental cosmologists spent theirs 6,800 feet high on snow-covered Kitt Peak at the Arizona Radio Observatory. They were deploying an instrument to a 12-meter telescope for a project called the Tomographic Ionized-carbon Mapping Experiment (TIME), which aims to study the universe’s first stars and galaxies.

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    Current Image Permanence Institute research initiatives include projects that will inform the recovery of water-damaged inkjet prints in cultural institutions that have experienced water emergencies, and improving preservation environmental management strategies.