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spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer spacer May 18, 2007

RIT yearbook makes a long-awaited comeback


The staff of RIT Timeline (from top): Kristin McGeorge, Petr Nestratov, Kristin Brown, Tom Pelillo, Abdul Matsah, Daniel Martin and Kristina Leh.

A. Sue Weisler | photographer

Carve out space on your bookshelves, a yearbook is returning to RIT.

RIT Timeline is hoping to pick up where its predecessor Techmilla left off—but in an entirely different way. There will be no portraits and senior quotes in this book. Instead, editors hope that it will be exactly what its name suggests: a timeline recapping the year that was in Brick City.

“We’re not really a yearbook, but we’re calling ourselves that for a lack of a better term,” says Kristina Leh, the founding editor of RIT Timeline. “We capture events of the past year. When you open it up, it’ll start with day one and it will end with graduation.”

The book originated at the urging of both RIT President Albert Simone and Student Government leaders. Leh began thinking about the process last summer and has been working on it ever since.

Original plans called for the creation of a DVD that would accompany the book; however,

the time crunch of launching a publication from scratch nixed that idea for the first volume. Leh says that a DVD may be included in future volumes of the publication.

“My major goal for this year was to have a book—and we are going to have a book,” Leh says. “That makes me very happy.”

The book will be printed on demand and will have two editions available. The first edition will be for returning students. The second edition is for graduating students and will feature commencement.

Student Government President Lizzie Sorkin says she loves browsing through old copies of Techmilla in the Student Alumni Union and wishes it never stopped publishing in the first place. But, she’s thankful that RIT Timeline is attempting to fill that void.

Timeline gives us all an opportunity to appreciate the spirited community we’ve become through the different things we’ve accomplished all year,” Sorkin says.

RIT Timeline will cost $25 and can be purchased at www.rittimeline.com. The first 1,000 copies will be sold at a discounted rate of $20.

John Follaco

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