RIT Begins Biomedical Sciences Program

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs within the field of health services have increased 57 percent since 2000. In response to this growing field, Rochester Institute of Technology has introduced an undergraduate degree program in Biomedical Sciences, new for the 2006-2007 year. “The program is a fusion of biological and medical sciences, a true interdisciplinary program offering students great flexibility to choose from 44 track electives and 28 free electives in addition to their required life sciences core,” says Richard Doolittle, professor and head of the School of Life Sciences.

The flexibility of courses and concentration options within the Biomedical Sciences program is designed to attract students interested in a broad spectrum of medically-related jobs. The program also provides a knowledge base and the technical skills required upon graduation to continue training in graduate or medical school.

For more information about the Biomedical Sciences program, contact Dr. Richard Doolittle, Dr. Tom Frederick or Kelly Youngblood at (585) 475-7105 or visit the website at www.rit.edu/~gtfsbi/BMS/index.htm.


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