RIT Croatia grad wins prestigious award with an app that solves math equations

His app received more than 11 million downloads in three months

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Izet Zdralovic, a graduate of RIT Croatia, won a Netexplo Award after he co-founded an app that solves mathematical equations.

Izet Zdralović, an alumnus of RIT Croatia who co-founded an app that solves mathematical equations, won a Netexplo Award for one of the best innovations of 2014.

Netexplo Forum, in collaboration with UNESCO, met in Paris to announce their awards for the top 10 global digital innovations in 2014. Zdralović co-founded the company that came up with the PhotoMath app, which won the Netexplo Award in the field of educational technology. The app reads and solves mathematical expressions by using the camera of a mobile device in real time and educates users how to solve math problems.

“It is a great honor to have won the Netexplo award,” Zdralović said. “This proves that the direction and the strategy of the technology that we are developing is the right one. We believe that PhotoMath is just the first step and a good showcase of what our mobile vision technology can do.”

The free PhotoMath app has received more than 11.9 million downloads in just over three months.

“The number of downloads that we received brought us to be among the best educational apps in a very short time, so we knew we were doing something right,” he said.

He called the app a great learning tool and can help children with dyslexia or other disabilities. It may also have applications in the fields of physics and chemistry in the near future, he said.

Zdralović, who lives in Zagreb with his wife, Maja Lončar, and their young son, Izet Jr., was among the first generation of RIT students in Croatia. He completed a couple of long internships in the U.S. and received his bachelor’s degree in applied science in service management in 2003, and RIT’s Executive Leader Master of Science in service management in 2008.