GE visiting RIT April 3 for the #BalanceTheEquation tour

Tour aims to connect with students and engage them in conversations about technical careers

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GE is bringing the #BalanceTheEquation tour to RIT April 3 to talk to female RIT students about GE’s technical workforce and STEM career opportunities.

Women scientists and engineers from GE will stop at Rochester Institute of Technology on Monday to talk to female RIT students as part of the GE #BalanceTheEquation tour. The event will provide RIT students an opportunity to network with GE leaders and RIT alumnae working at GE to learn what it means to join the technical workforce.

The RV tour will be on the RIT campus from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, April 3, in the driveway near Institute Hall and Golisano Hall. The tour welcomes all students, especially future engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators, to stop by the RV.

This initiative is part of GE’s goals to have 20,000 women fill STEM roles at GE by 2020 and obtain 50:50 representation for all technical entry-level programs. RIT is one of seven universities the company is visiting on the tour and has been an executive partner with GE since 2014. Since then, the company has hired more than 250 students as co-ops and offered dozens of RIT graduates full-time positions, with the number growing every year. “With this tour, we are looking to build on our relationship with RIT and its students, while getting to know the best and brightest technical talent for the future,” said Janeen Uzzell, Leader for Women in Technology at GE.

“GE is doing this at only a handful of schools and their visit is reflective of RIT’s status as a key school and significant talent provider to GE,” said Manny Contomanolis, senior associate vice president and director of Career Services and Cooperative Education. “This is a great opportunity for women at RIT to learn more about GE’s broad, deep and innovative technologies and how they are developing solutions to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.”

In addition to providing networking opportunities, the RV will also offer professional headshots, speed mentoring opportunities, exercises to reveal personality types and work styles that can provide insight into career options, and more.