Test of RIT Alert system set for Sunday, Sept. 13

RIT will be testing the RIT Alert emergency notification system at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 13. Please make sure your contact information is in the RIT Alert system by following the appropriate instructions below:

RIT Alert is used to immediately notify the campus community of an imminent threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, and staff on or near campus. Examples of an imminent threat include — but are not limited to — a severe weather event (such as a tornado or other storm that can cause the cancellation of classes and on-campus activities), fire, or threat of violence. The system can send a message via Instant Message, text message to cell phones, voice message (mobile or land-line) and email. The message will include immediate actions required by RIT community members.

After the community receives the initial notice of an emergency through the RIT Alert system, additional information is provided through RIT Message Center, RIT Facebook, RIT Twitter, and www.rit.edu. An ALL CLEAR message is typically broadcasted on RIT Alert when the emergency situation resolves.

RIT Alert is separate from the RIT COVID-19 Alert Levels and would not be used to communicate changes to RIT’s COVID Alert Level, unless the level changes to RED (High Risk). COVID-19 alert levels are posted daily on the RIT homepage and RIT Ready homepage. In addition, an email will be sent to RIT students, faculty, and staff through the Important Institute Announcements category of Message Center if the campus status elevates.

To report an emergency or imminent threat, contact RIT Public Safety. This includes if you experience, observe, have knowledge of, or perceive an imminent threat of violence on campus.

  • 585-475-3333 (voice)
  • 585-205-8333 (text)
  • TigerSafe App – with ‘Mobile BlueLight’ and ‘Say Something’ features