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For a short time I resided in a small city with a population of just more than 15,000 people in an area of about 11 square miles. RIT, a “small city” itself, occupies 1,300 acres—equivalent to 2 square miles—consisting of more than 17,200 students and abundant staff and faculty members.

Who are these people nestled into our little city? They’re the people that you and I meet each day, as well as those we haven’t met. How would we ever get to know everyone on campus? It may not help you meet everyone on campus, but I have an answer to introduce you to a few faces and how they interconnect to you and me.

Athenaeum, RIT’s six-times-a-year printed newspaper offering in-depth news and photographs, was recently recognized with award from the Higher Ed Marketing Report.

“It’s about the people” I keep reminding the Athenaeum team. As we approach the release of volume 2, number 6, I’m proud—as one of the many visionaries in its creation—to be among the best team in town (or should I say the best team in the city!).

The behind-the-scenes development of Athenaeum was quite the experience. Countless meetings, numerous concepts and sketches, plenty of revisions and a few eureka moments brought forth an astounding publication. There are the issues we push through the drudge and the not-so-exciting edits and revisions until we have that product we’re proud of. As different as they are, every edition is approached with the same desire of never falling short of perfection.

It sounds like there could be a tiny bit of pressure meeting those goals, but that fulfillment is our aspiration each and every issue of Athenaeum. Without it we wouldn’t be able to feel that sensation of “the wind in our hair” when we sit behind our computers, at a sketchpad or even while brainstorming how to share the story. Today I’d like to share the exhilaration, the anticipation and the delight that makes each of them worth each tick and every tock of time and energy poured into them.

Annually we get opportunities to present our work to committees and organizations to review our labors and then decide their earnestness of receiving honors. Recently, entries were submitted to the 26th Annual Educational Advertising Awards with judges consisting of leading marketers, creative minds, advertisers and directors. It’s not certain what drives their articulate decision-making practice, whether it is current times, personal opinion or a checklist of criteria. However, we do know they can be demanding and thorough. Those challenges, as well as the rigorous panel, have been overcome and salutations are in order.

RIT University Publications and University News have been bestowed an exceptional award in the Educational Advertising Awards competition from the Higher Ed Marketing Report. These annual awards are the largest educational awards competition in the country. This year alone, more than 2,500 entries from more than 1,000 colleges, which included all 50 states and numerous foreign countries, were among the participants.

Please join with me in celebration for the following accomplishment from the Higher Education Marketing Awards as Athenaeum receives a Gold Award in the Internal Publication category!


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