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Ideas, notions, production, and a token mention of the word ‘tiger’

I’m still chugging along. The CMS element of the new site has been wrapped up. I now have only to produce a handful of templates, and write scripts to port over several years of articles stored in various databases, XML, and in a few daunting cases (i.e. – the University Magazine), plain HTML. Phew. The more »

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Bringing RIT’s news through the web and into 2006

If you’ve ended up here, then there’s a good chance you’ve visited our parent site, RIT University News. If you haven’t, please take the time to check them out here. Wonderful isn’t it? We’ve got a photo, some text, a few links. What more could you ask for in a web site? The reality is, more »

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pwned. |2|T r0x0rz g4m3r c0113g3 $u|2v3y

If you dont’ know ‘leet speak,’ then it’s time to get your nerd on and figure it out. The reason I chose to post the title in 1337 (leet, or elite), was to honor RIT’s placement on the Global Gaming League’s first annual Top Gaming Colleges survey (GGL). Contenders were judged on the following criteria: more »

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Under construction.

Here are the stats so far regarding the CMS: – more than 800 lines of code. – approximately 60 hours of planning, designing, and writing code. – several kittens viewed at www.cuteoverload.com …back to work, all. Wish me luck.

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Behind the scenes of thetigerbeat.com

Contrary to popular belief, I serve a purpose here at University News. Over time, I’ve become regarded as less of a ‘worker bee’ and more of a ‘thinker bee.’ For that, I’m grateful because I would lose my mind if I had to print web pages to PDF for 34 hours a week. :) So more »

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The oldest man on MySpace

Besides being the title of a song by the band of geek pop junkies called ‘Lemon Demon,’ I’d like these words to act as a vehicle for tech musings. You have probably heard of the wave of social networking that’s sweeping the internet right now. Sites like facebook.com, myspace.com, digg.com, and 9rules.com are each examples more »

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