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‘New’ Alumni Association has venerable past

The university’s alumni organization has a new name: RIT Alumni Association.

Previously known as the Alumni Network, the newly dubbed Alumni Association remains the same in form and function. The change helps to more clearly identify the organization, which includes all RIT graduates, says Kelly Redder, assistant vice president of Alumni Relations. “Students and alumni assumed that the Alumni Network was something different from an alumni association – a global description for any college or university alumni body.

“In addition,” Redder says, “the scope of RIT alumni programming has expanded well beyond the immediately apparent definition of ‘network,’ offering benefits, services, and volunteer opportunities in addition to occasions for networking within chapter, online community, reunion and affinity activities.”

The organization’s Board of Directors and the RIT Board of Trustees unanimously approved the change in April.

To find out more about activities and benefits of being part of the RIT Alumni Association, visit or call 585-475-ALUM.