U.S. National Research Council Picks RIT Professor for Transportation Study Group

James Winebrake will study ways to reduce petroleum dependence and greenhouse gases

A Rochester Institute of Technology professor was invited to sit on a prestigious U.S. National Research Council committee to study ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The National Research Council is part of the U.S. National Academies, which also includes the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine.

James Winebrake, professor of science, technology, and public policy at RIT, has joined a committee of 10 to 12 experts from around the country to examine alternative strategies and policies for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. transportation sector.

Winebrake, an internationally recognized expert in the transportation field, has recently published several papers related to the energy and environmental impacts of freight transportation, alternative fuels and human health. The study will be conducted over the next 12 months.

“This is critically important research,” says Winebrake. “The transportation sector is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Our dependence on foreign petroleum to meet our transportation needs has created economic and political problems for our nation. This study will help us decipher the types of technologies and policies that can be used to effectively reduce our transportation sector’s petroleum dependence and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Winebrake is chair of the Department of Science Technology and Society/Public Policy at RIT and co-directs the RIT Laboratory for Environmental Computing and Decision Making.

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