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Originally funded through a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant (1209115) with additional support provided by the university, AdvanceRIT is a long-term, multi-faceted program designed to increase and advance women faculty at RIT.

Additionally, the program examines the unique challenges experienced by women faculty of color and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing faculty, and adapts interventions to address the needs of these key sub-populations. In AY 2018, the AdvanceRIT program became institutionalized by RIT, located within the divsion of Academic Affairs. Members of this large program team combine research with programming and policy/practice enhancements to drive long-term changes that will transform RIT’s culture, promote inclusion, and expand the representation of women on our faculty and among our campus leadership.

The AdvanceRIT program goal is to increase the representation, retention, and career advancement of women faculty with a focus on women faculty of color and Deaf and Hard-of Hearing faculty. Program objectives in support of this goal include:

  1. Refine and strengthen targeted institutional structures, and install practices promoting representation and advancement of women faculty.

  2. Improve the quality of women faculty work life, professional development, and incentive/reward structures.

  3. Align institutional, administrative, and informal systems of power and resources to support and sustain progress by shaping the political frameworks that impact representation and advancement of women.

  4. Enhance the working environment and support career development for women faculty using symbolic measures which emphasize issues of meaning within the organization.

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