AY 2020 AdvanceRIT Events

CREW Connections for Pre-Tenure Women Faculty

When: Thursday, November 5 @ 1-2PM

The purpose of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for networking, skill-building and developing strategies for career success. This will provide an informal forum for making connections and finding resources. CREW Connections will also provide an opportunity for pre-tenure women faculty to meet senior faculty to discuss topics related to career success and learn more about the Council for the Representation & Engagement of Women Faculty (CREW) and AdvanceRIT.


Success Strategies for Women Faculty

When: Starting in September

Where: TBD

2020 ADVANCE Learning Circle: Women Professors: A successful career and a well-balanced life

The goal of the learning circles is to set up supportive networks of women faculty on topics related to career success and work-life balance.  These circles will utilize guided activities and discussion, build connections with other faculty across the university and provide the opportunity to build a network of potential new mentors, collaborators, and sponsors across campus.

The learning circle would utilize the book: The Coach’s Guide for Women Professors: Who Want a Successful Career and a Well-Balanced Life by Rena Seltzer (provided to each participant)

Topics covered in this book:
I. How to Have More Time

II. Establishing a Productive Writing Practice

III. Teaching

IV. Work-Life Balance

V. Networking and Social Support

VI. Tenure, Promotion, and the Academic Job Market

VII. Authority, Voice, and Influence

VIII. Negotiation

IX. Life after Tenure

X. Leadership


Advocates & Allies Workshop

When: TBD

Where: TBD 

Join us for an interactive 90-minute long workshop that explores the factors that underlie the underrepresentation of women faculty in the STEM academic workplace and the arguments for changes needed in the academy in order for women to fully participate. This workshop will be co-facilitated by faculty from AdvanceRIT and the Advocates program. Throughout the session, you will be in active discussion which will culminate in highlighting actions and ideas focused on what you can do to get started.