The External Advisory Board (EAB) is comprised of faculty and administrative leaders from other Universities and Colleges who have demonstrated experience with NSF ADVANCE grants. This Board convenes annually to review the AdvanceRIT program, learn about the program's progress and accomplishments to date, assess challenges and obstacles facing the leadership team and the administration, and provide high level guidance and expertise RIT can use to refine the program and implement best practices.

External Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Stefi Baum, Dean of Science at University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Nancy Ferris, Director and Vice President of Kodak Technology Center
  • Dr. Vivian Lewis, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine
  • Dr. Linda Manning, Award-Winning Professor and Researcher
  • Dr. Debra J. Richardson, Professor of Informatics and Dean of University of California-Irvine's Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
  • Dr. Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development
  • Dr. Caroline Solomon, Faculty Member at Gallaudet University
  • Dr. Sara Wadia-Fascetti, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at Northeastern University