Discussions continue with Institutional Research (IR) and HR to determine best practices for institutionalizing routine faculty data collection and reporting.  With the introduction of Tableau data visualization software in HR and IR, there is an opportunity to create reports that summarize and visualize the indicator data and would be available on demand to appropriate campus leadership to be used in decision-making processes.  Current NSF Indicator data can be found in the NSF Indicator 2017.pdf.

Percentage of Women Among Faculty Graph

Percentage of Women Among Faculty - Rank

Additional charts analyzing the number and percentages of men and women and AALANA and Non AALANA faculty can be found here. These percentages and numbers are shown first for RIT as a whole, then broken down into subcategories. 

These subcategories include:

  • YIR
  • College
  • NSF Designation
  • NSF Indicators