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NTID Alumni Museum

Historical photographs from NTID's past

An exciting NTID Alumni Museum project is quickly taking shape! As part of NTID’s 50th anniversary, we are recognizing the rich history of NTID and how integral alumni contributions have shaped the success of this “Grand Experiment.” We want to include YOU in this project! Initial plans to recognize NTID’s history and the vital roles of many key players (faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of NTID) include:

  • A glass conference room and welcome center on the first floor of LBJ. This space will be used for prospective student visits, alumni events, and meetings, to name a few uses.  The conference room will highlight alumni success stories and will include wall space for historical photo displays and memorabilia display cases, and provide an area for alumni to meet or work.
  • A “walking timeline” along LBJ second floor street area.  This will include a combination of wall space as well as display cases (both electronic and fixed displays) that will showcase NTID history and alumni memorabilia.  There will be displays that highlight each generation – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and so forth up to the current time. There will also be special displays such as:
    • A sampling of Focus magazines from the 1960’s to current day
    • Recognition of influential faculty/staff
    • Theater history
    • …and much more!
  • Space will include comfortable seating, tables, and new lighting. This area can be used by alumni and others for relaxing, working, or meeting. 

Donors to the Alumni Museum will be recognized on the Museum’s Donor Wall. Gifting levels include:

  • $10,000 payable over a maximum of three years
  • $5,000 payable over a maximum of three years
  • $1,500 payable over a maximum of two years

Museum exhibits can also be named with gifts ranging from $15,000-$25,000 depending on the costs to manufacture and install each exhibit.

Contact Bryan Hensel, NTID Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations at or (585) 475-6222 for more information on how you can support this important project.  

More information will be coming soon as the NTID Alumni Museum takes shape.

Show your support by donating to this worthy and historical project here!