Reena Banerjee
Headshot of Reena Banerjee
Admissions Counselor for RIT/NTID
585-475-6700, 585-397-7720 (VP)

Hi there!

I am a New Jersey native and a proud RIT/NTID alumna. I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2017 in biomedical sciences with a minor in criminal justice.

During high school, when I was doing my college search, I wanted to find that perfect fit. For me, that meant having accessibility, inclusion and growth opportunities. After I attended RIT/NTID’s Explore Your Future (EYF), a one-week summer program for deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are entering their junior or senior year of high school, I was able to see myself as an RIT/NTID college student for the next four years.

RIT/NTID turned out to be the best fit for me. I had accessibility in terms of interpreters and other access services. I was engaged in a community filled with diverse individuals who had unique backgrounds and interests. And I experienced personal growth and learned how to advocate for myself and utilize my skills in different leadership positions.

I strongly believe that paying attention to what you KNOW about a school is just as important as how you FEEL about it and I knew how I felt about RIT/NTID right away by attending EYF.

I encourage you to do the same–visit and experience what RIT/NTID has to offer. You may find that this place is your perfect fit, too!

I am excited to be your admissions counselor, serving as a guide to help you through our admissions process. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to helping you and hopefully welcoming you to the RIT/NTID family!

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