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SLPI:ASL Preparation, Rights and Opportunities

For NTID faculty and staff, the NTID SLPI:ASL process is confidential. You control all information regarding any and all SLPI:ASL interviews and ratings. ASLTE will not release ANY SLPI:ASL information concerning you without your permission. You may use any rating you receive for any NTID purpose, even if it is not the most recent.

MSSE students' SLPI:ASL ratings are sent to the director of the MSSE program.

The best way to prepare for the SLPI:ASL is to sign with native signers for extended periods of time regularly in the weeks and months before the SLPI:ASL interview.

Prior to their SLPI:ASL's, candidates may:

  1. Meet with an SLPI:ASL team member or the Coordinator to discuss the SLPI:ASL process, or invite the ASLTE Coordinator to a department meeting to discuss the SLPI:ASL.
  2. Have a practice SLPI:ASL Interview with a member of the SLPI:ASL team (not with assigned interviewer). NTID facilities provide options for videotaping the practice interview if desired.
  3. Watch the assigned SLPI:ASL Interviewer in a normal conversation with a third person, to become familiar with his/her signing.
  4. Visit the SLPI:ASL Room to see how it is set up for SLPI:ASL interviews.
  5. Arrange for a practice ASL conversation with a skilled signer immediately prior to SLPI:ASL interview. However, the best preparation is to sign with native signers for extended periods of time in the weeks and months before the SLPI:ASL. Last minute cramming will have limited benefits.
  6. Request a Deaf SLPI:ASL Interviewer.
  7. Request another SLPI:ASL Interviewer if you feel the assigned person is inappropriate.

During the SLPI:ASL:

  1. Be as relaxed as possible and use your normal signing.
  2. Sign at a rate that is comfortable for you. What's important is how clearly you sign, now how fast.
  3. Answer questions fully; don't give simple yes/no responses.
  4. Don't apologize for your signing skills. Be positive. Let the interview show your skills.
  5. If you make a mistake with your signing, correct it and continue. No one expects you to sign without mistakes.
  6. If nervousness is a problem, tell the interviewer, who will help you relax.
  7. You may stop the Interview and start over if you feel it is not going well, or schedule another time for an interview.
  8. Upon completion of the SLPI:ASL interview, you may immediately request another SLPI:ASL interview if you feel you did not demonstrate your best sign language skills.

After the SLPI:ASL

Upon receiving the SLPI:ASL Rating, we encourage you to schedule a follow-up meeting through the ASLTE office to watch the videotape of your interview, and to discuss your strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for improvement. After the SLPI:ASL follow-up meeting, you may:

  1. Request another rating
  2. Request another interview to take place the next time SLPI:ASL's are offered
  3. Borrow your SLPI:ASL Interview DVD as part of structured sign language training program (course or tutoring).
  4. Request that the record of your SLPI:ASL be expunged. In this case, we will erase the tape and remove your name from the record of the interview in the ASLTE database.