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Playoff mentality

May 19, 2017

Why our teams have been so successful this year...

As the spring semester came to a close, the RIT Sports Information office has been working like crazy because all the teams are dominating the playoffs, going on trips to the NCAA and such. I wanted to discuss a few reasons why the teams here are just crushing it this year.


If you watched the team from the beginning of the fall semester, and saw them again at the end of the spring…they’re exactly the same team. There’s nothing different, maybe roster changes and starting line-ups. Championship teams maintain an excellent routine, and do not let anything affect them, the highs and the lows. They’re consistent in their thinking, not thinking differently during certain circumstances. For example, teams are usually amped up when the playoffs roll in, and overdo it. The best teams keep a level head, and play it like any another game in the season.


The best teams recognize and pay attention to their team culture day in and day out. The players are responsible for maintaining the culture within their teammates. It can mean a weekly get-together and keeping tabs on the teammates, or pulling someone aside and making sure he/she’s staying on top of things. If one of the players are not in line with the team culture, and no one addresses it…things will go awry in the future. The best teams recognize and maintain the culture throughout the year.

Normalized excellence.

Teams who excel at an extremely high level tend to be inconsistent. Teams who go on stretches of utter dominance oftentimes work hard in the preseason to elevate the expectations, the level of performance, and then make sure that level is the standard. People who don’t meet that are prosecuted with extreme prejudice, otherwise known as getting benched or cut.

Teams who work hard to build up to a high standard, maintain a consistent expectation, make sure players take care of each other, and then normalize it will bring home the championship rings every year.