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Crushing the summer

May 30, 2017

How to keep going this summer in preparation for fall...

School is out. This means going back home to your family, eating mom’s home cooking instead of dorm food, going to the shower without sandals, and definitely no fire alarms. The only con is that you’re not competing with your teammates, using the facilities, and staying on top of things…how do you keep yourself going and come back in the fall ready to crush the semester?

Know what you need to work on.

I highly recommend that you find time to sit down with your coach and discuss your goals and the program’s expectations for you the following year. Your coach will be very straight up with you and tell you what you need to improve on. Once that happens, ask how. Can it be achieved with more playing time? Practice drills? Or weightlifting? Your coach will be able to map out an ideal plan for you. Make sure you have a game plan mapped out for you, and execute it!

Find a good routine.

It is very easy to turn the alarm clock off and sleep all the way until noon or one in the afternoon when you’re back home. But you’ll need to be able to maintain a solid routine that emulates what you usually do at college. You might be able to replace class time with a summer job, or do a co-op. Once you’re done with work, hit the gym or the field and work on your skills. Maintain healthy nutrition, get enough sleep (or catch up on sleep) and get a nice rhythm going, so you hit the fall semester running.


I personally always struggle with this part, but summer is a good time for you to relax. Wrap up the past year, and put a bow on it. Then move on. It is a period where you can put aside the roller coaster year, and start anew. More likely than not, you’ve been sleep deprived from college, so it’s a good time to catch up on the sleep. But more importantly…there aren’t any dorm mates keeping you awake until two or three in the morning, so hit the hay earlier!

I cannot wait to see you all in the fall!