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Tiger Tuesdays

June 14, 2017

In the fall, we will begin making “Tiger Tuesday” posts on our social media pages. I want to give you a deeper insight behind the concept of “Tiger Tuesday” and a better idea of what is going to come next.

You all know how the general population feels about Monday—wake up early after a weekend of sleeping in, a big eye roll, heavy sigh, trudge to class and feel like a zombie. But what happens when Monday is out of the way? Tuesday comes in! Now you’re starting to feel groovy. You can sense yourself gaining momentum throughout the week.

The goal of Tiger Tuesday is to deliver a message, a quote, and/or an idea of how you should operate that week. For example, one of the posts will have a quote by Nike, “Think training’s hard? Try losing.” This quote rings true to everyone, because it can be applied to any kind of situation. It could mean weight training, because if you’re mentally checking out of the weight room...then the moment you meet your competition…your competition will beat you. You won’t like it. It’s a harder pill to swallow than a brutal 10-set squat workout.

Another example…you could roll your eyes and take the easy way out on a business deal. You could cost yourself money in the long run because you didn’t invest as much as you should have. You’ll have to battle it out. Negotiate. Do the math and put in the hard work…and then you’ll see the fruits of your hard work instead of seeing your business crumble.

So, the intention of the Tiger Tuesday post is to give you all something to think about, something for you to connect with your life, and then assess how you will approach every task, every person, every situation and every day in your life going forward.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you all crush it after we start pouring out Tiger Tuesday posts this fall!