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How to stay motivated

June 28, 2017

College is always a grind. It’s a marathon. A sprint. A sprint marathon sometimes.

It’ll be draining. It’ll challenge you and change you. You learn a lot about yourself in your journey. Champions succeed because of what they do when they’re in a rut, hitting speed bumps, or not being themselves. How do they stay motivated? How do you stay motivated?

Think of the bigger picture.

I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation by a United States Navy SEAL. He went through the hardest training the world had to offer. He proceeded to carve out a successful career in the Navy Seals and afterwards as a businessperson. One of the people asked him about how he kept himself going. He explained that he had to keep his grand purpose, grand vision in front of his mind every day. He would tailor his actions and work towards that vision. If things got tough, that vision and purpose were there to keep him going.

Be a teammate.

It doesn’t matter which sport you play. In college, you will be competing for a team. Be there for your teammates. They will recognize that and be there for you as well. You never know how much the little things can mean to others. I’ve had a situation where I decided to call a teammate who was struggling with a personal situation, invited him over to play video games and so on. Then one day I had a really bad practice right before the season started…this shot all of my confidence going into the season. The first person to walk up and give me a pep talk was that teammate. I didn’t realize that he remembered what I did to help him when he was down. So he did the same.

“No pressure…no diamonds!”

This is one of my favorite sayings as of late. I love the feeling of performing under pressure and coming out victorious. It is the best possible mentality to have as an athlete, being able to WANT the spotlight, WANT to be in that tough situation where there are big rewards if you do well. You have to develop that mentality through tough practices, classwork and in the community. So as the academic year rears its ugly head, grit your teeth and say, “no pressure…no diamonds!”