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Here we go!

September 11, 2017

The school year is officially in full swing. All of the fall sports are underway, and winter athletes are now loading up for the preseason.

Our fall athletes have been starting the year off with a bang! I wanted to capture their mindset and make sure it carries over to all the other student-athletes throughout the year.

Keep it light.

Our student-athletes who perform the best usually take things very lightly. It’s weird because usually with intercollegiate athletics it’s supposed to be intense, serious and all that. You have to approach everything with a smile on your face, otherwise sports will feel more like a job instead of fun. Your days will be brutal. With classes, assignments, workouts and practices, you’re going to crush it some days, and you’re going to get crushed other days. Take it in stride, and focus on what you can do, and do it with passion.

Win the battle, win the war.

We’ve all heard this—some say lose the battle, but not the war. I say win the battle and the war! Looking ahead at an entire academic year is daunting, and it’ll be easy for you to get lost in the chaos. Break it down into weeks instead of semesters. If things get harder, break it down from weeks into days. Win the day. What does this mean? It can mean having a great practice or getting a good workout, to doing a great job on an assignment…or all of the above!

Don’t think too much.

Your brain is going into overdrive soon with all the formulas, equations and the pressure to succeed in sports. So when you get the chance, unplug. Just let your mind idle for a little bit by taking a nap, sitting outside with friends or making some alone time. Recharge your battery every chance you get. You’ll thank yourself later.

Good luck student-athletes, go crush it.