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Riding on the successes

September 19, 2017

RIT/NTID student-athletes have been having a terrific start to the year!

RIT/NTID made history by having a pair of deaf athletes win the RIT male and female student-athlete of the week and Liberty League honors at the same time! Their steady rise to excellence was defined by three words. Brick by brick.

I find myself reciting these words as of late. As the fall semester builds momentum, I see the student-athletes grinding and becoming frustrated with their progress. They want to jump higher, run faster, get stronger and perform better overnight. They want to crush it right away.

Many people run out of patience when they invest their commitment into something that doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t have to be related to athletics—it can be about academics, building relationships with colleagues or heck, it can be about your Call of Duty skills!

You’ve seen many majestic buildings that loom over cities. Chances are that most of them have bricks. At RIT, take Eastman Hall for example and Ellingson Hall, too. Buildings that big take time to be built. How do people build buildings that big? Brick by brick. Young student-athletes ask me all the time what level of commitment it takes to excel. I oftentimes answer with a question, “How good do you want to be?” This determines your willingness to build an incredible career…brick by brick. It’s up to you if you want to be a bench player, a starter or a legend. You’ll have to be willing to keep laying brick longer, through thick and thin, and in the face of adversity. As you lay brick, you can physically see the progress, and you get excited by the thought of the beautifully finished product! This is how the student-athletes keep riding on their successes, because they know they’re well on their way to even bigger and better things on and off the field.