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What it means to be an RIT student-athlete: Madisen Baldwin

April 3, 2019

by Madisen Baldwin

Being an RIT athlete is much more than just wearing the RIT logo almost every day. It is putting in the countless hours of work on and off the field for yourself, your team and your school. It is studying hard and achieving just as much success in the classroom as on the field, because we are student-athletes. Being an RIT athlete means reaching out to the community and setting an example for those younger than us who strive to become collegiate student-athletes themselves. Above all, being an RIT athlete means family. No one is alone with their trials in life because they have a family that supports them and will stand with them.

I came into RIT as a transfer softball player from a community college in Oregon. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect on my first day. But from the moment I stepped onto the field with the people who would soon be my closest friends, I realized I finally found my home away from home.

Going into my very last season as a student-athlete is very bittersweet. This sport has taught me so much about myself and life! I'm forever grateful for RIT softball for giving me the opportunity to put on my cleats for two last seasons and play with the women who quickly became my family.

Being an RIT athlete is more than athletics; it is being a part of a community, academia, and creating lasting friendships. I know I will always have people in my corner because I am an RIT Tiger and we all play for something greater than ourselves. With that being said… Go Tech!