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What it means to be an RIT student-athlete: Mia White

April 5, 2019

by Mia White

On the way home from soccer practice, I was thinking about what being an RIT athlete means to me. I couldn't come up with just one thing because there are so many to choose from. Being an RIT athlete is a blessing. We are student-athletes, which means student first and there are no excuses not to work harder in our academics. We are expected to work hard, have the same work ethic in the classroom as other non-athletes and be committed to our sport at the same time. It requires a lot of time management and effort to be a student-athlete.

Commitment, loyalty, and sacrifice are what it takes to be an RIT student-athlete. Your teammates are completely committed just like you and that makes our bond stronger. It is a feeling of unification as we all are in this together. We all want to win Liberty League championships and an NCAA title every year. To be committed, it requires sacrifices such as social life. I make more sacrifices than I realize because I chose to be on this team, I want to be on the team. Being an RIT athlete also means loyalty, as we play for the school, for our team, and ourselves. Not everyone get the chance to play the sports they love at a collegiate level and for that, I feel honored to be a RIT athlete.

What plays an important role to me is the culture of this team. Being an athlete at RIT is the best highlight of my soccer career. We not only just play sports together, but become a family. Being deaf does not stop me and my teammate from bonding and creating an incredible team culture. Most of my teammates know American Sign Language, which is incredibly awesome. Being an athlete here makes me realize the person I could be that I never thought I would be when I first came here in 2016.