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Brianna Bilich

Brianna Bilich

Sport/Position: Softball / 1st base

Graduation Year: 2023

Major: Computer Science

Why did you pick RIT/NTID? I chose to come here from California because this school has both hearing and deaf communities that I can interact with, plenty of access services, and I can get a great education for computer science.

Clubs/ Activities: Softball, Deaf Basketball Association, and NTID math tutor.

Hobbies/ interest outside of activities: Going to the beach, snow skiing, and watching movies.

What is the best part about being here as RIT/NTID student athlete? The best part is being a part of a team towards something greater than myself. My teammates are my friends who I can depend on no matter what and I will always support them as well, and they are like my second family.

Favorite on-campus food spot: Brick City

Where do you do your homework? In the dorms.

What’s your life motto? "Never be satisfied."

Head shot of Brianna Bilich