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An RIT/NTID Center of Excellence for Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Foundations of Effective Communication in the Classroom

Supported by: 

grants from the National Science Foundation (REC-0814332)

This project explores learning in science and mathematics classrooms by deaf students who differ in their communication preferences/skills and receive different support services. Given the heterogeneity of early environments of deaf children, it is not surprising that young adults vary widely in their communication skills and background knowledge. Previous CERP research explored deaf college students' learning via hearing instructors utilizing interpreters, deaf and hearing instructors signing for themselves, and real-time text. One line of investigation is exploring classroom communication among students who differ in their communication skills. Another set of studies examines deaf students' cognitive and comprehension skills underlying reading and classroom learning. In addition, we are exploring differences in teaching and learning in mainstream and separate classrooms for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Suggested Reference: 

Convertino, C.M., Marschark, M., Sapere, P., Sarchet, T., & Zupan, M. (2009). Predicting academic success among deaf college students. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 14, 324-343.