RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff

A tuition-free online college course designed to introduce newly accepted deaf and hard-of-hearing students in NTID associate-level degree programs to RIT/NTID.
Monday, June 27 – Monday, August 8

Congratulations on your acceptance to RIT/NTID! As a newly accepted student in an NTID associate-level degree program, you’re invited to participate in RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff–an experience that will introduce you to RIT/NTID through a one-credit online course of your choosing.

RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff is an optional experience exclusively for incoming deaf and hard-of-hearing students who have been accepted into an associate-level degree program in RIT's College of NTID and who have committed to attending RIT/NTID this fall. It includes a tuition-free online summer course where you can earn your first RIT credit. This is a voluntary opportunity in addition to your required participation in RIT/NTID's orientation, the Summer Vestibule Program (SVP).

Already committed to RIT/NTID this fall? On Monday, May 16, check your email for a special invitation to send your course preferences for RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff. Your choices must be submitted by Friday, June 10.

Haven’t deposited yet? Now’s the time to become part of the RIT/NTID community.

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Earn Your First RIT/NTID Credit and Get Ready for Fall

Free Online Summer Course
Try a one-credit class, tuition-free, to experience what RIT/NTID college courses are really like. Your online summer class begins June 27 through August 8.

Fun, Exciting Classes
Thinking Like an Engineer; Are Ghosts Real?; Saving your Money; Learning about Learning, Learning about your Brain!; Introduction to 3D Digital Art; Debunk Your ASL Misconceptions–these are the summer courses to choose from.

Earn Your First RIT Credit
Discover what it is like to take online classes at RIT/NTID while earning a course credit and kicking off your college career.

Low Risk
RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff courses are designed to be a fun introduction to RIT/NTID. Select a class that looks interesting. Don’t like the course? You can drop it any time before the deadline on June 29.

Build Your Community
Make your first RIT/NTID connections before you arrive on campus. Meet your instructor and learn with other students who will become your classmates this fall.

Personal Attention
Your professors will guide and support you as you embark on your first RIT/NTID class.

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Already committed to RIT/NTID for the fall?
Explore the fun, interesting classes offered as part of RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RNCCK will help you become familiar with RIT’s course platform (myCourses), NTID faculty and other new students – all while earning your first RIT credits!

No, the RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff is optional.

RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff classes begin on June 27 and runs through August 8.

A full listing of courses and their descriptions can be found here.

Successful students will receive one college credit that may count toward their degree requirements.

No, choose one that interests you.

If you have deposited for fall, you will receive an invitation to join RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff. You will be asked to submit your top two courses, in order of preference by June 10, 2022, using an online form. You will only be enrolled in one course.

No. You can only take one. Submit you top two courses right away because placements are made based on the order received. We cannot guarantee you will get your first choice.

We will send an email to your RIT email account by June 21 with details about your course placement and how to access it. We will do our best to place you in one of your two choices. However, we cannot guarantee you will get placed in your first choice.

You can request to change to a different course, but enrollment will depend on if there are openings since class sizes are limited. Contact Linda Bryant to request a course change by June 29. Courses cannot be changed after June 29.

You can drop your course by June 29. This means you will not be able to participate in RNCCK. However, if you stay in the course, you can withdraw anytime between June 30 and August 8, 2022. If you withdraw, you will receive a “W” grade on your RIT transcript.

Yes. RIT/NTID’s orientation, the Summer Vestibule Program (SVP), is a separate required program for all accepted deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Yes. All international and transfer deaf and hard-of-hearing students who are accepted into an NTID associate-level degree program are invited to participate.

No, you cannot participate in both programs. You have to choose one.

Information about the New Signers Program (NSP)

NTID instructors communicate using a variety of communication strategies which include sign language with voice, sign language without voice, spoken English, printed materials such as PowerPoints and word/pdf documents, websites, and videos with captions. Synchronous classes will have interpreting support and real-time captioning available. You do not have to request it.

All course materials will be available through myCourses, RIT’s class management system. You can learn more about myCourses by watching these myCourses video tutorials.

All you need is a computer and access to high-speed internet. A webcam or built-in camera is also required for synchronous classes.

For this course, you need access to a PC computer or laptop with Windows 10 or higher or a Mac computer or laptop with OSX 10.9 or higher.

Online Synchronous courses:

  • Instructor and students meet online and learn at the same time.
  • Classes meet on a specific day and time.
  • Instruction happens in real time through Zoom video conferencing, live chat, and live videos, and outside of class work follows an assigned timeline schedule

Online Asynchronous courses:

  • Students learn course materials on the day and time they choose.
  • Students follow an assigned timeline schedule.
  • Instruction happens through various means such as videos and written materials, and may include 1:1 and group synchronous meetings using Zoom video conferencing, VP and live chat.

Most of the courses are synchronous and have assigned days and times for class meetings. That means you will be expected to meet online on the days and times stated in the course descriptions. Note that the times listed are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). If you live in a different time zone, you will have to convert to your time zone. Here is a link to help you convert to your time zone: https://savvytime.com/converter. The example below illustrates how 1:00 pm in Rochester, NY converts to 10:00 am in Los Angeles, CA.

photo from savvytime.com/converter

Yes, your online course may involve group activities or group projects. You can request an interpreter to sign or voice for you and real-time captioning for meetings with your classmates. You can also connect with students in your class from the classlist in myCourses. Information about how to request interpreters and captionists will be provided in your course placement confirmation.

You should plan to spend up to three - six hours each week to review content, complete assignments, and attend course meetings or office hours with your instructor.

All courses will have some kind of assessment, such as, quizzes, tests, projects or presentations. Some classes will have final assessments or projects.

You will receive a letter grade (A – F). Your instructor will explain the grading for your course. Grades will be posted after August 12, 2022.

Your instructor will communicate with students in the class using RIT’s email system. Course information will be published in RIT’s myCourses course management system. You will find information about course expectations, materials, activities, assignments, assessments, grading, and instructor contact information.

RIT’s myCourses is the course management system that RIT uses for all of its courses. Your instructor will post course information, content, resources, assignments and grades in myCourses. To learn more about myCourses, watch the myCourses video tutorials.

Yes. All printed instructional materials are accessible and all video instructional materials are captioned and may include sign language. Deaf students with additional disabilities or accessibility needs should register with the Disability Services Office and request accommodations by completing this form. Students are welcome to contact the Disability Services Office with questions. Visit the DSO website for more information.

Students with disabilities are welcome at RIT. To request disability-related accommodations, please register with the Disability Services Office by completing this form. Students requesting accommodations must also submit documentation of their disability via email to dso@rit.edu. Once the DSO receives both a completed application form and disability documentation, they will reach out to students to schedule a meeting. If a student is approved for accommodations, the DSO will help them navigate using their accommodations while at RIT. For more information, please visit the DSO website.

Please note: Students in RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff should select “Summer 2021-2022” as their enrollment term on the DSO application form. This will help us prioritize the needs of incoming students taking summer classes.

If you need help in your course, email your instructor or meet with your instructor during scheduled online office hours.

After you set up your RIT email, you can contact the NTID Service Desk for help with technology issues.

Contact Linda Bryant, Director of NTID Office of Online Learning at Linda.Bryant@rit.edu.

Have more questions?
Contact Linda Bryant
Director, RIT/NTID College Course Kickoff