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Kristi Love Portrait

Kristi Love


Kristi has been a nationally certified interpreter in the NTID Department of Access Services since 2005 where she has served as an interpreter and a mentor. She has interpreted a wide range of academic courses and extracurricular activities across campus. Kristi has also participated in several committees and recently won the Presidential Outstanding Staff Excellence Award as a member of the Department of Access Services Diversity Outreach Committee. She completed her M.S. in Criminal Justice from Rochester Institute of Technology and her B.S. in Signed Language Interpreting from the University of New Mexico.

Denise Herrera portrait

Denise Herrera

Program Coordinator

Denise Herrera began her interpreting career at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2007. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (2004) from RIT, she pursued her ASL-English Interpretation degree (2007) after being immersed in the Rochester Deaf community. Being a Latinx trilingual interpreter, Denise brings a unique perspective to the field of interpreting.

As a founder of the Randleman Program, Denise was awarded the Presidential Outstanding Staff Excellence Award as well as the 2019 National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) Student Congress Alice Beardsley's Outstanding Interpreting Award, an award in which interpreters are nominated by NTID students.

Amberlee Jones Portrait

Amberlee Jones

Endowment Lead/ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead

Amberlee Jones was hired as an interpreter with the Department of Access Services in 2014. She found her passion for service based leadership in 2015 when she was selected to be RIT's United Way poster representative.

Amberlee graduated from the African American Leadership Development program in 2019, a program which identifies, trains and promotes the placement of African Americans in policy-making positions within the Rochester Community.

She continued to pursue her aspirations of equity and inclusion after being asked to join the Randleman Program in 2019, entering into the role of preceptor for emerging interpreters of color. After leading the fundraising efforts for the Randleman Endowment for Interpreter certification, she transitioned into the role of Associate Director of Advancement at NTID while still leading the expansion and development of the Randleman Program. In her spare time, you can find Amberlee swing dancing and performing with a local all female solo jazz group, “The Flower City Follies,” and coordinating interpreters for Groove Juice Swing.

Emilio Hernandez Portrait

Emilio Hernandez


Emilio Hernandez is a nationally certified interpreter that has worked with the Department of Access Services at NTID since 2018. He is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation program (BAI) from Gallaudet University and currently works as a full time associate interpreter at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). He has completed a one-year apprenticeship from NTID and has worked closely with a variety of highly qualified professionals in the field during his time in Washington, D.C. and Rochester, NY. He has been with the Randleman Program since 2020, and has held the role of preceptor, DEI co-lead, and summer intensive leader and mentor.

He specializes in a wide variety of higher education courses and community work, including but not limited to, medical interpreting, video relay interpreting, engineering, and liberal arts classes. He is currently focusing on obtaining a second degree in Spanish in hopes of serving the trilingual community.

Bea Hogan Portrait

Bea Hogan


Bea Hogan is a 2018 graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in Interpreting: ASL/English from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Bea also earned an Associates of Science in ASL Studies and completed their internship in Aspen, Colorado at the Aspen Camp of the Deaf* and Hard of Hearing.

Bea completed the Randleman Summer Intensive Program for Interpreters of Color in June 2020 before applying and being accepted into the Randleman Program’s two-year preceptorship. In May of 2021, Bea became a full-time interpreter with the Department of Access Services and now serves as Preceptor in the Randleman Program. Bea serves on the Diversity Outreach Committee within DAS and Co - lead the language pillar in the Randleman Summer Intensive Program. Bea has taken Foundations I and II, utilizes the IMI model to discuss their work, and meets weekly with colleagues to discuss cultural translations with stage interpreting and various genres within their work. They appreciate that professional development is never-ending as they strive to find ways to improve their skills and build vocabulary.

Bea resides in Rochester, NY with their partner and fellow interpreting colleague, Leah, their son, Graysen, and a few fur babies.

Derek Gonzalez Portrait

Derek Gonzalez

(Preceptor/ Endowment committee)

Committee Members / Group Facilitators

San Lamar (Colloquium Co - Facilitator / Endowment committee)
Lindsey Totten (Colloquium Co-Facilitator)
Cassandra Flores (Endowment committee)


Kristi Love

Kristi Love

Denise Herrera

Denise Herrera

Angela Hauser

Angela Hauser

Daron Ladson

Daron Ladson

Past Preceptors

  • Angela Hauser (Manage, Interpreting Team for COLA)
  • Daron Ladson