List of Deaf Theatre Companies

3D Derby Deaf Drama-United Kingdom
3D started in 2002 with project funding and support from Derby CVS and Red Earth Theatre Company, which continued for 2 years. Since then they have become an independent company managed by Deaf volunteers. Through the company deaf adults are able to learn new skills such as: Working in a team, Acting, Administration/Publicity, Building/making set, props etc., Directing and many more

Australian Theatre of the Deaf
The only professional Deaf Theatre in Australia founded in 1979. first Deaf artistic director, Carol-Lee Aquiline, appointed in 1989.

The Chinese Disabled Peoples Performing Art Troupe
Government sponsored organization that includes deaf performers.Established in 1987 under the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation.

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre
Common Ground is a UK Cultural Performing Company who create unique performances and community workshops through the fusion of sign language, dance and physical theatre, which are accessible to all audiences.

DGT- Deaf German Theatre
German Deaf Theatre organisation in Munich.

Deaf West Theatre
Founded by Ed Waterstreet and Linda Bove in 1991. Focus is Los Angeles, California area.

Deafinitely Theatre
British Deaf Theatre founded in 2002.

International Visual  Theatre
French Deaf Theatre

National Theatre of the Deaf
First American professional Deaf theatre founded in 1967.

Founded in 1997 and based in Lanham, Maryland, Quest is a group of artists, educators, and dedicated volunteers representing a diverse ethnic, cultural, and artistic panorama. This company works extensively with visual theatre concepts.

Sena y Verbo
Seña y Verbo (Sign and Word) is a one of a kind artistic and educative project in Latin America. Since its foundation, in 1993, Seña y Verbo has achieved international recognition for its high-quality theatre and for the impact it has had on Mexico’s Deaf community.

Our professional theater company, conformed by deaf and hearing actors, presents throughout the year plays for adults and children. In Thee plays, Mexican Sign Language is combined with spoken Spanish, creating shows equally enjoyed by the Deaf and the Hearing.

In fourteen years of continuous work, Seña y Verbo hasacquired an Impressive currícula, having produced eleven plays, touring Centroamérica, Germany, Brazil, Austria, Venezuela, the United States and Canada, in addition to frequent tours all throughout Mexico and more than 1500 representations in Mexico City.


Deaf theatre in Slovenia

Signdance Collective

Signdance collective is an international dance theatre company based in South-East England and Amsterdam. Led by Deaf and physically artists, it heads the development of the art form; signdance theatre.

Theatre Hand in the Eye
Founded in 2006 this company uses Flemish Sign Language in its productions.

The TOYS Theater is an internationally-acclaimed group that was first formed in 1985 in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia.

Swedish Deaf Theatre with a vision to become a center and meeting place for Deaf stage arts.