Opportunities to Engage in Rochester-area Efforts to Address Racism

In addition to working with RIT on the Interrupt Racism project, which is a partnership with the Urban League of Rochester, NTID will explore other opportunities to be directly engaged in Rochester area efforts to address racism. Examples include:

  • Exploring opportunities to expand NTID Performing Arts collaboration with Diversity Theatre (actors from community and internally).  
  • Expanding local outreach by Sunshine 2.0 with organizations in Rochester (e.g., School without Walls).
  • Creating service learning options that count as “service” for faculty and staff and community service for students to work with local organizations, including partnering with religious and spiritual organizations that engage in service opportunities and engaging in service learning that involves discovering history and artifacts in Rochester related to the ALANA community.
  • Exploring collaboration with Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, which is a deaf friendly school and has a long history on leadership in the area of social justice.