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Amenoff, Gregory

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I spent the summer of 2001 working in a studio on Cape Cod. All the images from that summer employed a foreground framing element (which I loosely imagine as a floral trellis) that set off a more distant and abstract landscape space. One of the paintings from that group "Trellis" (Grey Butte), was essentially tonal; I thought the structure would be good in a print. I began this print soon after 9/11 in the studio floor I share with master printer and artist Mohammad O. Khalil. Although the combination of soft and hard forms remained similar to the forms in the painting from which they are drawn, the color and atmosphere became a critical element in this print.

"As in much of the work over the past four years, I hope this print sets up a metaphorical space for an emotional condition akin to feeling of longing - being in one space and yearning for the peace and release of another. Hence the title: "Arcadia" a space beyond all our reach."

Gregory Amenoff is a painter and printmaker who lives in New York City and New Mexico. Amenoff has been a professor of art at Columbia in New York City since 1994. He has also taught at The School of Visual Arts in New York, and Rhode Island School of Design, Yale School of Art and others.

Amenoff is represented by the Salander O'Reilly Gallery in New York City, the Nielsen gallery in Boston, The Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe and the Vidal St. Phalle Galerie in Paris.