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Future Exhibitions

6x6 Deaf Pride Exhibition
Sculpture Gallery
November 2nd, 2018 - December 15th, 2018

The Dyer Arts Center will be hosting a 6x6 Deaf Pride exhibition.  Artists will include those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, interpreters, and allies of the deaf community.  All sales will go to support the Dyer Arts Center.

Click here to Download Submission Form.


Artists Details
  • Must be deaf, Hard of Hearing, Interpreter, or allied with the Deaf community
  • Submission will be accepted from September 10-October 15
  • Artworks will need to be delivered to the Dyer Arts Center between October 15-22
  • Create an artwork that is 6x6(x6 if 3D)
  • Artists can submit up to 2 artworks
  • Artworks are created with the understanding that they will be sold to benefit the Dyer Arts Center
  • Artworks my only be signed on the back of the artwork to keep the exhibition anonymous
  • Charcoal is permitted, but a wax paper covering needs to be added, this will be removed upon installation by Dyer Arts Staff
  • Artworks on canvas need to include a wire on the back
  • Any material thicker than ¼ inch needs to include four pre-made holes (at each corner) to allow for hanging
  • If an artwork does not sell, the artist has the opportunity to buy the artwork back or the Dyer Arts Center reserves the right to retain the artwork.
Installation Details
  • Submission will be hung using push pins or small nails
  • Enough room need to be given to add a red dot to the right of artworks, noting when an artwork has been sold
  • Artists will be kept anonymous
  • Installation will start Oct 22

Culvitating Connections
Williams Gallery
November 2nd, 2018 - December 15th, 2018

Rochester is a city full of diverse communities, and art is a great way to cultivate connections among communities.  The Dyer Arts Center is hosting an exhibition inviting membes of various communities to submit artworks that represent their community.

BFA Student Thesis Show
Ohringer Gallery
November 2nd, 2018 - November 17th, 2018

BFA Student Thesis Show
Ohringer Gallery
November 30th, 2018 - December 15th, 2018

VCS Faculty Honors Show
Williams Gallery
January 18th, 2019 - February 23rd, 2019

Rise Up: Silent Margins
Sculpture Gallery
January 18th, 2019 - February 23rd, 2019

A solo show of Ashley Hannan, RIT/NTID Alumni.

Retrospectives of Igor Kolombatovic and Henry Newman
Williams Gallery
March 8th, 2019 - April 20th, 2019

VCS Student Honors Show
Williams Gallery
April 26th, 2019 - May 11th, 2019

Yinan Lin Student Thesis Show
Ohringer Gallery
May 3rd, 2019 - May 11th, 2019