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Explore Your Future

July 9–14, 2022 and July 16–21, 2022

Activity Details

Explore Your Future 2022 will be offered to close to 200 students who will participate in Sessions I and II.

All students participating in the program stay at Rochester Institute of Technology in our residence halls. Residence directors and staff provide around-the-clock supervision, and the staff ratio is 10:1. Three meals a day are included and provided by our dining halls.

Explore Your Future is a career exploration program that focuses on career and personal awareness. The exploration activities promote an understanding of career options and the skills required for individuals to succeed in the career area that best matches their interests.

The goals of the program are to provide college-bound students with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in the following career areas: arts, business, computer science, engineering, health sciences, information technology, and science. Students will develop an understanding of the technical, professional and liberal arts preparation necessary to be successful in a variety of careers.

  • Students are assigned to homeroom groups, each of which is led by a career counselor. In these groups, students focus on topics related to their interests, learning styles, values and decision-making abilities. Each day the students attend classes in career counseling for an hour and a half; and attend technical classes with hands-on activities for four hours.
  • Students will learn about a career development theory developed by Dr. John Holland. The theory states that if individuals choose careers that best match their interests, and identify the environment in which they prefer to work, they will enjoy greater job satisfaction and career success.
  • Each student will complete various assessment tests targeted to help students determine career interests and learning styles. 

  • In the evening, the students participate in a variety of activities such as games, bowling, and other sports, going to movies, and visiting sites of interest in the Rochester community. These events will occur off campus at locations managed by third-party providers. Transportation will be provided by third-party providers during EYF activities. On one evening, dinner is followed by a dance with music provided.
  • At the conclusion of the program, students complete a written summary of their experiences, which incorporates the counseling and career awareness information that was shared throughout the program. Career counselors write a review for each student. The student review, student summary, and computer generated results of the two assessment tests are shared with the student, parents, and VR counselors (if the VR counselor has paid for the program). These summaries and assessment results may help the student make better decisions related to life after high school.

Teachers needing a copy of the assessment and summary reports will need to get a copy from the student or from EYF program staff with parental permission.

In addition to the programs offered to students during Explore Your Future, parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in a Transition Workshop. The workshop focuses on the transition of their deaf or hard-of-hearing child from adolescence into adulthood, and encourages effective communication and the development of a more autonomous relationship between parents/guardians and their adolescent. Strategies are shared related to transition to life after high school as well as how to access college financial aid information.