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Explore Your Future

July 9–14, 2022 and July 16–21, 2022

Information for Teachers and VR Counselors

Career Awareness Testing

EYF is designed to give students, parents, teachers and VR professionals important information that will help guide students toward a rewarding career and successful future.

  • During the program, students will be assessesed to help determine their interests and suggest corresponding careers.
  • At the end of the program, students will complete a written summary of their experiences, incorporating the counseling and career awareness information received during the program.
  • EYF career counselors will write a review for each student and share it, the computer-generated results of the two assessments and the student’s summary of his or her EYF experiences with parents and VR counselors, if the student is working with VR. Discussing these summaries and assessment results may help the student make more informed decisions related to life after high school.
  • Due to FERPA regulations, teachers needing a copy of the asssessment and summary reports will need to get a copy from the student or from EYF program staff with written parental permission.


Parent/Guardian Workshop

In addition to the activities offered for students during Explore Your Future, parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in a workshop that focuses on the transition of deaf or hard-of-hearing students from adolescence into adulthood.

  • Workshop content is designed to encourage effective communication between parents/guardians and students and the development of a more independent relationship between parents/guardians and their adolescent.
  • Educational professionals will share strategies related to the changes that happen during life after high school as well as information about getting college financial aid information.