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Explore Your Future

July 11–14, 2021 and July 18–21, 2021

Virtual EYF

What is Virtual EYF?

We will be offering Virtual EYF for free this summer! All deaf and hard of hearing high school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply!

Virtual EYF 2021 Flyer

At Virtual Explore Your Future, you will:

  • Gain hands-on experience in a variety of career areas, including art, business, computer science, engineering, health sciences, information technology, and science
  • Learn more about what your interests are as you look toward a career
  • Make new friends from all over the country
  • Have fun!  

EYF activities expose you to careers in:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Science  

In each of these areas, you receive hands-on experience using items from an EYF kit that we will send to you for free! The kit and hands-on experiences are focused on increasing your knowledge of career choices. You learn about your interests and the skills required for success. And you develop an understanding of the academic preparation or training required in each of these fields.

You'll work with career counselors and faculty in online small group settings to:

  • Determine your interests and learning styles
  • Develop decision-making skills
  • Build confidence
  • Develop personal awareness
  • Develop leadership skills and independence  

Role models at EYF

Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing faculty and staff, and EYF orientation counselors serve as role models, introduce students to hands on skills, exposure to new industries and much more.

Parent Involvement

EYF will also offer a virtual parent/guardian panel session where parents or guardians can learn strategies for helping their students make a successful transition from high school to college. Parents will learn firsthand what they need to know about the college search process, how to help their student transition from high school to college, and more. Parents of current RIT/NTID students will participate in the event to share their experiences. Admissions representatives will also be available to answer questions about RIT/NTID. Parents, guardians, and students will receive reports that provide feedback on student interests and learning styles. After the EYF experience, both students and parents/guardians will be better prepared to make decisions about life after high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply? You can do so here: APPLY ONLINE . We would also need a copy of your high school transcript and a copy of your audiogram; We know with the current circumstances that it may be a challenge, so we are accepting older audiograms and unofficial transcripts. You can e-mail these files to
  • What are the dates for this summer’s virtual sessions? The dates are Session I: July 11-14, Session II: July 18-21. EYF participants also have the option to choose supplemental tracks for EYF in healthcare and in technology – the Technology and Health Care Career Exploration Sessions will happen on Friday, July 17th and Friday, July 24th.
    • The Technology and Health Care Career Exploration Sessions are organized as follows:
      • The technology portion will have a presenter explaining the technology field and will have an activity for you to do at your own pace.
      • The health care portion will have a presenter explaining the scope of the health care field and will have an activity for you to do at your own pace.
      • We will also host two panels, also taking place on both Fridays, July 17 and 24.

        The panels are split into health care professionals and technology experts.

        During the panels, the guests will share their expertise to provide a better understanding of the fields and what it takes to be successful. Panelists from coast to coast will be joining us and available to answer questions from you!
      • The panels will be done in webinar format. The health care webinar will be 11:00am-noon ET with the technology webinar to follow 1:00-2:00pm ET.
      • To register for either webinar, you need to e-mail Sara Smania at, noting which webinar you chose.
      • If you are a current high school freshman or sophomore, it is strongly suggested you postpone your participation to next year. If you are a current high school junior, we encourage you to sign up for this amazing opportunity!
  • What do I need to have in order to participate? A computer or laptop with a webcam and an internet connection is required for our webinars. Please ensure your Zoom software is fully updated! You can use this computer or a phone/ipad/tablet with a webcam for our Monday-Wednesday activities.
  • For specific requirements see Zoom and Flipgrid minimum device requirements.

  • What does the program cost? Explore Your Future 2020 will be offered online at no charge.
  • What happens at EYF?
    • Each day, you are in exciting online classes doing hands-on activities with a group of 6-7 other students and the counselor assigned to your group. There, you:
    • learn about different careers
    • discover what types of careers you are interested in
    • In the late afternoon and evening, you may choose to participate in online social activities such as:
      • Talent shows
      • Group games
      • Hanging out on social media
      • All the activities are supervised and allow you to experience EYF to the fullest!
  • Do my parents need to be involved in my participation? Your parents do not need to be with you as you participate in EYF. You would, however, need their support in obtaining the necessary tech equipment to participate, and may or may not need tech support assistance.

    We will host a parent’s session on the evenings of Tuesday, July 14 and July 21. These sessions will include parents of RIT students and graduates.

    The workshop focuses on the transition of their deaf or hard-of-hearing child from adolescence into adulthood and encourages effective communication and the development of a more autonomous relationship between parents/guardians and their adolescent.

    The panels will discuss topics such as what you can do to help your student prepare for college, what services are available for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at RIT, and more!

  • Do I need to be available at specific times during the week of EYF? We will be sending you a schedule! There are only two firm times on two days: “check-in” on Sunday where we will ensure you’re all set with your tech needs and have you meet your EYF Career Counselor for your 1:1, and “check-out” on Thursday where you will say your goodbyes to everyone and have your final 1:1 with your EYF Career Counselor. Every day, you will have activities we ask you to complete by midnight PT (Pacific Time), and we will also be offering fun (but optional!) evening activities with your EYF peers!
  • How does EYF start and finish? On Sunday, we will open the week with a Zoom webinar welcoming everyone! From there, we will break out into our groups, have a meet-and-greet, and your assigned counselor will get your week started off right! Monday through Wednesday you will also be participating in three 45-minute activities designed to help you consider your interests, skill set, and possible college majors (and eventually, careers!). We will wrap up the week on Thursday (with optional participation on Friday) having your final 1:1 with your career counselor – and then final goodbyes!
  • When will I know I am officially accepted? You will receive an e-mail acceptance letter. Keep your eye on your e-mail!
  • Who is eligible to attend? All current sophomores and juniors are eligible to attend. If you have previously attended EYF, you may not attend again.
  • Do I need to submit registration forms? Yes – all necessary forms can be found here Expectations Guidelines form for EYF 2020
    Release and Participation form for EYF 2020
    fill out, and send to
  • Can you share with me the activity details for Explore Your Future 2020?

    Virtual Explore Your Future 2020 will be offered to close to 200 students who will participate in Sessions I and II.

    All students participating in the program will be participating using Flipgrid, an online educational tool that is video based, and Zoom, a video conferencing software.

    Explore Your Future is a career exploration program that focuses on career and personal awareness. The exploration activities promote an understanding of career options and the skills required for individuals to succeed in the career area that best matches their interests.

    The goals of the program are to provide college-bound students with the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in the following career areas: arts, business, computer science, engineering, health sciences, information technology, and science. Students will develop an understanding of the technical, professional and liberal arts preparation necessary to be successful in a variety of careers.

    • Students are assigned to homeroom groups, each of which is led by a career counselor. In these groups, students focus on topics related to their interests, learning styles, values and decision-making abilities. Each day students will watch career counseling videos and technical videos with hands-on activites.
    • Students will learn about a career development theory developed by Dr. John Holland. The theory states that if individuals choose careers that best match their interests, and identify the environment in which they prefer to work, they will enjoy greater job satisfaction and career success.
    • Each student will complete various assessment tests targeted to help students determine career interests and learning styles.
    • In the evening, the students participate in a variety of activities such as a talent show, movie night, group games and much more! The orientation leaders will be involved and work together on these activities.

    At the conclusion of the program, students complete a written summary of their experiences, which incorporates the counseling and career awareness information that was shared throughout the program. Career counselors write a review for each student. The student review, student summary, and computer-generated results of the two assessment tests are shared with the student and parents. These summaries and assessment results may help the student make better decisions related to life after high school.