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New Workshops for Summer 2016

The Deaf Initiative in Technology (DiiT) series of workshops provides a variety of technical and business-based training workshops in sign language to deaf and hard-of-hearing adults. The DiiT project is housed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology and supported by faculty from the following departments: Arts & Imaging Studies, Business Studies, Engineering Studies, Information and Computing Studies, Liberal Studies.


The rapid pace and complexity of technology puts increasing demands on companies, organizations, and professionals to stay knowledgeable and competitive. Deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals get up-to-the minute technical training through DiiT workshops. Workshop participants get the benefit of direct interaction with the instructors without the need for interpreters that most professional workshops require. This year, DiiT offers workshops in Graphic Communications, Information Technology, Engineering, English and Business related topics.


Over 770 deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals have attended 100 different DiiT workshops over the last 14 years. The DiiT workshops we offer are unique because they are designed for and offered only to deaf and hard-of-hearing adults.


We invite you to attend our DiiT workshops!