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From the NYS Thruway

Take Exit 46. Immediately after exiting, get on I-390 North and refer to directions below.

From I-390 (Northbound)

Take Exit 13 (Hylan Drive). Turn left onto Hylan Dr. and continue north to Jefferson Road (Route 252), and turn left at the light. Proceed west a short distance to the main campus. Turn left onto campus, just past the Radisson Inn, via Lowenthal Road (the first entrance onto campus from this direction).

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NTID Student Development CenterAfter entering campus

At the first stop sign, you will be facing Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Hall. Turn left. At the first road, turn right. You will see a sign for visitor parking. Park in Lot L. Welcome!

The CSD Student Development Center is just behind LBJ (see map). Walk through or around LBJ to the courtyard in the rear. Enter the Student Development Center through the front doors. Campus maps are available for download from the RIT website.