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Join us for the Spring
2021 Math Competition

Frequently Asked Questions

New! Coach Countdown

Any coach can now “throw their hat” in the ring for our first annual Coach Countdown! Interested coaches can take a brief qualifying exam on Saturday morning. Top scoring coaches will be announced Saturday afternoon; the Coach Countdown will follow the Individual Countdown format and invite down top scoring coaches to the “hot seat” to compete for prizes and bragging rights!

We’re interested! Where can we download a flyer?

What is Spirit Night?

Friday night is Spirit Night! Teams should show their school colors, wear school t-shirts, face paint, and wacky headgear to show school spirit. The effort and spirit behind their attire, paired with energy, kindness, and sportsmanship displayed through the weekend, will determine the recipient of the annual Ben Hall Spirit Award.

How many students may our school send for the competition?

To ensure comfortable capacity for the weekend, this year each team must bring a minimum of 3 students, or a maximum of 4, to the competition.

What to Bring

  • Your school spirit—wear your school colors!
  • A sharp mind for doing mathematics.
  • An open hand to meet and socialize with new friends.

What kind of calculator is allowed?

Basic calculatorCalculators will be provided for all members of the team.

Teams should get comfortable practicing with only basic four-function (see photo at right for an example).

Teams will not be using scientific or graphing calculators during the competition.

Teams are also encouraged to practice with the following features: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, and percent.

What does the Team Championship Countdown look like?

In the Team Championship Countdown, top official teams compete against each other simultaneously in a ten-problem round. All teams will have 90 seconds to solve a given problem. After 90 seconds is up, team’s answer will be shown on the projection screen. Each correct answer is worth one point. After the 10-problem round, the team with the most correct answers wins the championship. Should there be a tie in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, we will have another "sudden victory" round where the team that gets the most number of correct answers wins. The top three teams will be recognized with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash awards.

What does the Individual Countdown look like?

Individuals will compete in a bracket-style tournament where our new-and-improved “buzzer system” will determine the person with the quickest response. In the first two or three rounds depending on the number of individuals, three problems (45 seconds per problem) are shown, and whoever gets the most correct answers advances. Should the round end with a tie, the round goes to "sudden victory" and the individual who gets the correct answer first, advances. In the 3rd place round and championship round, the first individual who answers three problems correctly, wins.

Who can participate in the Individual Countdown?

All individuals have a chance to compete for the Individual Countdown. Based on the combined scores from the Sprint and Target rounds, the top-scoring individuals will advance to compete in the countdown.

The top three individuals will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash awards.

What is the Team Problem Solving Challenge?

All teams will participate in this Team Problem Solving Challenge. Each team will be given a set of 10 problems to solve within 45 minutes.  When all ten problems are complete, the team captain will raise a hand for a runner to get the answer sheet. The runner will bring the answer sheet to one of the judges. The judges will check the answers. If incorrect, the answer sheet will be returned to the team. Each team has at most 3 checks from the judges within the 45-minute limit. At the end of the challenge, all answer sheets will be collected. Each correct answer is worth 2 points, and the team challenge score will go toward to the team overall score, which also includes individual scores.