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Join us for the Spring
2021 Math Competition

How to Prepare

Student participating in competitionUse the MATHCOUNTS® School Handbook. The handbook is used by schools all across the U.S. We encourage you to become familiar with the rules, competition structure, scoring and forms of answers. This publication mirrors the difficulty level you can expect to see in our competition. It is divided into four rounds: Sprint Round, Target Round, Team Round, and the Countdown Round. We suggest you and your students become familiar with each round.

The fifth round, the Team Countdown Round was created by RIT, not MATHCOUNTS®, so information will not be in the MATHCOUNTS® handbook. Please go to the Rounds and Rules page to learn more.

The official MATHCOUNTS® website provides problems from previous competitions (at each level of competition). Practice problems can also be found in the school handbook.

“Warm-up” practice problems in the handbook will help students prepare for the Sprint Round. “Workout” practice problems will help students prepare for the Target Round. Calculators are allowed in all but the Individual Countdown Round.