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Join us for the Spring
2021 Math Competition


All participants will receive t-shirts and medals. 

The Math Competition awards the top three scorers within each division for the countdown round. First place, second place, and third place will be awarded to top individual scorers and top team scorers. One scorer, and only one scorer, receives each award—there are no ties. In the case of awards given to a team of three more students (maximum four students), the award is divided equally among the students on the team. All winners receive a plaque in recognition of their achievements, and the top three places receive the following cash awards:

  Individual Countdown Round Team Countdown Round*
First Place $100 $300
Second Place $75 $200
Third Place $50 $100

*Team members share the prize money.

All teachers who are involved in guiding students with their math problem solving skills will each receive a medal.

Math Competition trophies