NCCC Success Stories

Employers SAY...

"Working with "Our" three NTID Co-ops has been one of the best experiences of my Kodak Career. They are valued assets in our organization."

Eastman Kodak

Science and Math
Feeza Jafar
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, tan head covering, glasses, wearing dark blue lab coat, standing next to lab equipment.

Biomedical Science - BS

Research and Development Intern

Feeza Jafar explores the field of research and development as a co-op intern at Dow Chemical Company

Science and Math
Michelle Mailhot
Degree Level: Associate
Young woman, dark hair, glasses in hand, arms crossed, wearing white lab coat in lab environment.

Laboratory Science Technology, AAS

Lab Technician

On co-op at Merck, Michelle Mailhot used her lab science skill set to learn even more about her chosen field.

Science and Math
Vanessa Bacellar
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, dark hair tied back, wearing white lab coat, blue lab gloves, leaning elbow on lab table.

Biomedical Science

Analytical Scientist Intern

The NTID Job Fair helped Vanessa Bacellar parlay her Chemistry skills into an interesting co-op for a major corporation.

Science and Math
Amie Sankoh
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young black woman, wearing white lab coat, leaning on lab table in lab room environment.

Biochemistry - BS

Laboratory Technician

Using her love for chemistry and math in the Laboratory Science Technology lab led Amie Sankoh to plan a career helping people in her homeland of Sierra Leone.

Science and Math
Natalie Snyder
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young woman, brown hair tied back, dark blue medical smock, holding a prosthetic cast.

Biomedical Sciences Double Minor - BS

Prosthetics & Orthotics/ Physical Therapy Intern

Natalie Snyder's studies in Biomedical Sciences take her down the rewarding path of helping others.

Science and Math
Daniel Latimer
Degree Level: Bachelor
Young man, short dark hair, wearing lab coat, in lab and holding pipette.

Biomedical Science - BS

Research Intern

Daniel Latimer has collected as many skills and lab techniques as possible in his “tool belt” so he is prepared for the next step on his path to a Ph.D.