Success Stories - Students

3D Graphic Design Technology
Motion Capture Team 2020
Andrea Miranda

Andrea's advice is to be open-minded when learning and to try new things. In every position there is room for growth and improvement.

3D Graphic Design Technology
Motion Capture Team 2020
Aileen Modesto

Aileen's advice to students going on co-op is to take it seriously and invest a lot of their time in it because there are so many benefits and a lot of new things to learn.

3D Graphic Design Technology
Motion Capture Team 2020
Andrew Smith

Andrew's advice is not to be afraid to try new things; supervisors will appreciate students taking initiatives and being open to trying new things.

Applied Computer Technology
Information Technology Intern
Arturo Peralta Silva

Arturo's advice is to study hard and take the classes seriously because everything you learn in class does help you to be successful working in those fields.

Business Administration - Finance
Financial Intelligence Intern at Quicken Loans
Anthony Trayner

Anthony's advice to students is to start networking as soon as you feel ready to take a leap into your career path.

Computer Aided Drafting
CAD Intern at US Bureau of Reclamation
Ryan Koester

Ryan's advice to students is to understand that you may need more time to figure out and understand what you truly want to do for yourself, your career and the future.

Computing and Information Technologies
Technical Intern at Fidelity Investments
Mahin Choudhury

Mahin's advice is to sell yourself by showing the skills and knowledge you received in your job or co-op interviews.

Design and Imaging Technology
Creative Designer
Malia Christenson

Malia's advice is to believe in yourself as others will see your hard work and education come through, and people will see what you have learned along the way.

Design and Imaging Technology
Graphic Design Intern
Katelyn Hawton

Katelyn's advice for the students who are in the design program is to be open to feedback.

Engineering Studies - CIMT
Machinist Intern at Tobyhanna Army Depot
Yahya Moore

Yahya's advice is simple—stay focused on your studies and don’t lose track of your goals!

Engineering Studies - EEEE
Controls Application Engineer
Vincent Hurley

Vincent's advice is to maintain a good work life balance throughout school, time flies when you're in school, so be sure to enjoy it.

Engineering Studies - MECE
Turbine Design and Services Engineer
Bradley Speck

Bradley's advice is to do very well in school, read as much as you can, work on communication and technical writing skills, and stay on top of your assignments.

Engineering Studies - MECE
Journeyman Fellow
Bryan Yun

Bryan's advice is to stay on top of your academics, but at the same time: ENJOY College!

Film and Animation
Intern at NASA Glenn Research Center
Keara Mangan

Keara's advice is not to be afraid to ask for help if you're stuck on a project.

Web Mobile Computing
Information Technology Intern
Amanda Bui

Amanda's advice would be to always try your best, communicate, and show the world what you've got!