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Instructions for Making Appointments and Using WCOline for English Tutoring

NLC Writing Tutoring

Instructions for Registering, Creating an Online Remote Appointment, and Beginning your Appointment at

1. First, you must register at

2. Next, you will sign in and create an online appointment by clicking on a white space for a Tutor and filling out the appointment form. Click "Create Appointment" at the botttom of the page when you are done.

3. When it is the right time for your appointment, you will sign in, click on the appointment space and join the appointment.

4. The screen for the appointment looks like this. Click "allow camera use" for video.

5. You can upload your paper from your computer by clicking on the little arrow icons at the top of the page.

When your appointment is done, you will click on the arrow icon again then click on "Export current pad as" and choose a program to download your revised paper to your computer. (Microsoft Word works for most people, but you might have to use Text.)

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