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NTID Academic Support Center

New Location: International Educational Outreach

The main goal of the NASC is to provide in-person support and interactions to help students succeed in their classes.

Students are encouraged to use the NASC to get help and referrals on general academic questions and concerns.

Students may also use the NASC as a place to study and receive assistance as different academic issues arise.

Some of the supports available include:

  • help navigating different online systems and platforms to get access to campus resources
  • get connected tutoring services, contact coordinators and other academic supports
  • assistance to contact counseling services and academic advising services
  • facilitated peer study groups
  • direct students to financial aid and vocational rehabilitation services,
  • provide formal and informal workshops on academic skills for students
  • provide individualized instruction on academic concepts
  • help clarify email communications with students as needed
  • basic questions about homework assignments and projects answered
  • help with clarifying email communications into sign language and understand the steps needed to follow-up
  • help understanding important announcements throughout the Spring semester
  • help developing coping strategies for online-learning



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