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Creating Technology Rich Learning Environments for the Classroom

This paper reviews student engagement and learning over of a six year study period (>500 students) in a technology rich learning environment.  The technology rich learning environment in this project consists of: tablet PCs for each student (1:1 environment), visually immersive multiple projection screens, and collaborative digital inking software.  This paper reviews the education problem being addressed, and the learning theory used as a lens to focus specific active learning pedagogical techniques to address the educational problem.  From this problem based, learning theory grounded approach, the features desired in a technology rich learning environment were developed.  The approach is shared in this paper with specific detailed examples to allow others to implement technology rich learning environments with active learning pedagogical approaches to address specific education problems in their institution.  The technology rich learning environment implemented and studied includes multiple hardware/software pieces to create a system level solution versus a single device or single app solution.