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Enhancing the Student-Interpreter-Teacher Team with Note-takers

Many deaf and hard of hearing (henceforth deaf) students use sign language interpreters to transform the lecture words to visual signs that they can access and understand. This is called mediated learning, in which the interpreter mediates the learning between the instructor and deaf student. However, the teacher-interpreter-student team is only as strong as the weakest link in engineering and technology, and this weak link often lies with the interpreters; many technical words do not have standardized sign equivalents. In such situations, deaf students and interpreters work together to pick the best equivalent sign or to generate an acceptable sign. Additionally, many technical words are abstract; using iconic signs will confuse the student.

The sign for ‘link’ can also be used for connection/connectivity or for relationship.   Within a database class, these three terms; link, connection/connectivity and relationship, have very different meanings.


Using a real-time review system and for the note-taker can assist in enhancing the lecture between the concepts taught by the faculty and the reception and clarification of the above concepts, for the students.