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There are many opportunities for exhibitors to advertise their products and services at the upcoming NYSETA  conference held at RIT.

These opportunities include:

  • Invited paper (see Call for Submissions section on this web site)
  • Poster Session
  • Vendor table in the common area ($150 per table, $200 for 2 tables)
  • Raffle participation
  • Become a sponsor of the conference (large banners and program recognition) $500 
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Thank you to Our Exhibitors

Without them, this conference would not be possible.  Please support them by giving them business or business referrals.

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Allegheny Educational Systems: Founded in 1979, Allegheny Educational Systems provides innovative, technology-based educational systems and professional services to over 2,000 schools, colleges and universities throughout New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.   Through our network manufacturing partners, we provide the most up-to-date curriculum resources, software, equipment, furniture, professional development and customer support available today, for a wide range of STEM and Career and Technical Education areas.

Contact: Ned Sheerin, Director, Sales and Business Development, Allegheny Educational Systems, Inc.

320 East 3rd Avenue, Tarentum, PA  15084

800-232-7600 (Toll Free)
717-449-9290 (Cell)


Joe Zahra Associates: We represent a handful of small developers & manufacturers of Educational Training Equipment, of which Edibon is one. Conference presenters representing this company are from Edibon.  
Contact: Joe Zahra


Maxwell Bennett Associates: We are Specialists in Acceleration, Displacement, Strain, Torque, Vibration, Leak Test Equip, Dynamic Pressure Data Acquisition, Static Pressure Materials Testing Equip., Dynamic Force Spectrum Analyzers, Static Force Signal Conditioning, Data Recorders Pressure Calibration, Telemetry Systems Force and Calibration and related equipment.
Contact: Paul Baumgartner


The National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) is an academic, training, and research center located in Washington D.C. dedicated to assisting government, industry, military, and academic sectors meet the challenges in cyber security policy, technology and education.
Contact: Jane LeClair

SOIS_text only

RIT’s School of Individualized Studies: Because every tiger’s stripes are different,is the motto for this part of RIT that provides individual programs of studies for each student. Yes, some of them are technical combined with business or other RIT specialized programs.
Contact: Abby Cantwell

Contact: Shane Nelan – Business Development/Sales

585-820-5762 (cell)    
877-464-1194 (office)


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