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How to Advance from a Manuscript Submitter to a Journal Article Author

A description of the journal article publishing process is presented with the goal of explicating the path to scholarly dissemination. Key details are discussed to help authors understand the process of publication so they will be more successful in publishing. The complexities of the process are explained to offer insight to the common timeline. The steps in the process are detailed so that manuscript submitters can learn to efficiently navigate the process and go from manuscript submitters to journal article authors.  The intricacies and mechanics of both blind review and double blind review are discussed.  The work was originally generated from the perspective of an Editor-in-Chief of a applied technical journal, and will gives lucidity to the editorial challenges, with the end goal of overcoming article publication challenges.  Authors are exhorted to serve as reviewers to: 1) gain firsthand experience with the process, 2) provide service to the technical community, 3) work toward the goal of expediting the general journal publication timeline.