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Poster Sessions from 2012 Conference

Implementing Virtual Lab in Online Cybersecurity Classes by Lifang Shih  Abstract

The Critical Mass of Engineering Technology Scholars by Betsey Dell  Abstract

Teaching Digital Communications by Building a BPSK System by Miguel Bazdresch and Joaquin Cortez  Poster

The Attention Deficit Scales for Adults-Sign Language Version (ADSA-SLV): An Interactive Program to Screen Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults for ADHD by Ila Parasnis (bio), Vincent J. Samar, Gerald P. Berent   Abstract

Comparative Analysis of Real Time Text Generation and Information Display Methods. Catherine Beaton, Daniel Bogaard, Peter Lalley, Janet MacLeod et al.    Abstract

Teaching Computer Hardware and Physics in the Virtual World of Second Life by James Mallory and Vicki Robinson >  Mallory Poster   Robinson Poster

A Multidisciplinary Degree, What Piece Fits Your Puzzle? by Donna McGowan and Wendy J Giuliano  Abstract

Maximizing content learning for English as a Second Language Students by Joe Stanislow and Raja Kushalnagar

Modality Independent Survey Tool (MIST): Interactive Survey Presentation Software for Diverse Language Communities by Vincent Samar, Steven Barnett, Pearl Somani > Abstract

Increasing Class participation via Random Computer Identification by Michael Stanko  Abstract   Poster

Why an Information Technology Curriculum is Optimal for Teaching Information Assurance by Dianne Bills (bio) et al.  Abstract

Enhancing the Student-Interpreter-Teacher Team with Note-takers
by Raja Kushalnagar and Joe Stanislow (bioAbstract  Poster

A Real-Time Matlab-based Undergraduate Digital Communicatons Course by Miguel Bazdresch  Abstract  Paper